Behind the Business Article with Belle Magazine

Behind the Business Article with Belle Magazine

Tell Belle a little about yourself and your own personal story!

My name is Cassie Leary and I own The White Cotton Boutique. I started my boutique in May of 2019. I was a teacher prior to starting my boutique and I’m so grateful it has given me the opportunity to leave teaching and do this full time! I love shopping and have a passion for fashion, moreover I love helping women feel beautiful in what they wear. I think beauty is more than your age or weight. Because of this, I offer women’s clothing of all styles in sizes XS-3X. 


Tell our Belles more about your family, pets and all things Cassie.  

My husband Clay and I have been married for 4 years now. We are both from Tennessee and went to rival high schools. We were connected through a mutual friend. We have two animals. A dog named Buddy who is soft, friendly and so cute! He has white fur and beautiful orange-ish brown eyes and spots. I have a sassy gray and white cat with the prettiest green eyes named Harper. My husband surprised me with her for Christmas 4 years ago! She loves playing catch (and so does Buddy!) No kids as of yet, but for all of those asking.. That might be my New Year’s resolution!



Tell Belle about your small business and what it means to you.

The most impactful thing about my business is connecting with women. I love meeting people and sharing our lives with one another. I do pop up events locally and have had the pleasure of meeting people in person, but I have also made friendships online through my VIP Facebook group with women I have never even met! Owning a small business means impacting the lives of others. I love hearing how women get compliments on what they wear and how it makes them feel so beautiful and confident! This makes me feel good about the difference I am making with my Boutique!



What is your favorite part of being a small business owner in the upstate?

Being a small business in the upstate means I can give back to our community. Unlike Amazon, when you shop with me, the taxes you and I pay go directly back to our community. Furthermore, it has given me the opportunity to give back to organizations and programs that are important to me and my customers. Over the past year, we were able to donate to Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas, P.S. I love you Ministries, and the Miss Dorman Scholarship Pageant just to name a few.




What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Some of my favorite hobbies and pastimes include watching reality TV, eating (I am a foodie!), dancing, working out, and traveling! 


Tell us one special thing about you that might surprise some people!

One thing that might surprise people to know about me is that I have anxiety. I am very bubbly, outgoing, and “put together,” so this fact shocks some people. If you struggle with anxiety or another mental illness, I want you to know you are strong, capable and amazing despite the daily battles you face!



To go along with our January ‘Feelin’ Fresh’ theme, tell us your absolute favorite fresh meal to make or takeout.

Fresh meals are my jam! My favorite fresh salad is a Southwest Salad. It is so easy to make! All you need is lettuce (I prefer a fresh head in lieu of the pre -bagged ones!), diced tomatoes, cilantro, a can of mexican corn, diced red onions, black beans, fresh sliced avocado, and crispy tortilla strips and avocado ranch dressing to top it off. You can even add in some meat using chicken or shrimp!


Here at Belle we love to inspire- tell us some of your favorite inspirational quotes and where your own personal inspiration comes from.

My favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The first step to getting what you want is to believe in yourself and your dream. I am inspired most by music, nature, my faith, family and friends. 


What are some things on your bucket list?

I would love to write a book, appear on a talk show, or give a TedTalk! 


What else would you like Belle to know about you?

Two things: I am a lot of fun and a great friend. I am always goofing off and making jokes. I am the youngest in my family, so it is easy for me to be in the spotlight!  I think one thing that is important to note about who I am is that I am very encouraging and supportive. I like to bring joy to those around me. If you are ever sad or need encouragement, I will be your biggest supporter and “hype girl.” One thing I am passionate about is that I love to help others believe in themselves.